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The Ramsay Centre

The Ramsay Centre was established in March 2017 through an extraordinary endowment by the late Mr Paul Ramsay AO.

Our objective, set out in our Board Charter, is “to advance education by promoting studies and discussion associated with the establishment and development of western civilisation, including through establishing scholarship funds and educational courses in partnership with universities”.

We will be collaborating with teachers and students at universities and high schools as well as members of the wider community in order to foster and promote an interest in and awareness of Western civilization.

This endowment represents an unprecedented world-scale opportunity to re-invigorate the Humanities and Liberal Arts in Australia, at a time when funding in this sector is under pressure and it has been hard to sustain integrated degree structures. We believe generations of young Australians will eventually benefit from this unique opportunity, and learn to value their own civilisational heritage, at no cost to the taxpayer. We hope at the same time to promote a more general awareness of this heritage in the Australian community at large.

We will be:

  • creating BA degrees in Western Civilisation in collaboration with two or three Australian universities, initially in NSW and the ACT, but also if possible further afield;
  • supporting these degrees through a suite of Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarships and the creation of new academic positions;
  • endowing a number of national Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarships, open to recent Australian graduates from a range of academic disciplines, for study at prestigious overseas universities; and
  • establishing a programme of summer schools, distinguished visiting lectures and other events designed to promote a wider appreciation of western civilisation.
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