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St John’s College, Annapolis Information Evening

Want to learn more about The Ramsay Centre’s exciting full scholarship for study at one of America’s oldest and most distinguished liberal arts colleges – including an internship in Washington, DC?

Then join us for our St John’s College, Annapolis Information Evening to be held at the Centre on Wednesday 7th December.

Our St John’s scholarship covers tuition and some living expenses for the College’s Master of Arts in Liberal Arts: a two-year Great Books course exploring some of the most profound and foundational texts in history.

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Sydney ‘Shakespeare’ excursion for UQ Scholars

A special viewing of Shakespeare’s First Folio at the State Library of NSW, and a private lecture delivered by Australian theatre and Shakespeare legend John Bell, were among two highlights of a Shakespeare-themed excursion for our University of Queensland (UQ) Ramsay Scholars this month.
More than thirty scholars in their second and third year of western civilisation degrees at UQ travelled from Brisbane to Sydney to take part in the trip, designed to offer them a unique ‘Shakespeare-themed experience.’
As part of the curated program, designed by UQ academics and Ramsay Centre CEO Professor Simon Haines, the scholars visited the State Library of NSW, the Art Gallery of NSW, and the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation.

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Inaugural Ramsay Writers Event


One of Australia’s favourite poets, Luke Whitington, and Australia’s ‘Olympic Poet’, who reported in verse for the Sydney 2000 Games, Mark O’Connor, were the headline acts for the inaugural Ramsay Writers Event, held before a packed audience at the Ramsay Centre earlier this month.

The evening event was designed to showcase the works of the two poets, along with hearing their perspectives on great works that had influenced them. Future Ramsay Writers Events will highlight more celebrated and emerging Australian writers, treating audiences to readings of their work, as well as their perspectives on influential works from the past.

If you wish to be invited to future Ramsay Writers Events email ramsayevents@ramsaycentre.org

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Roosevelt Montás | The Liberal Arts: why they matter more than ever

What is the effect of reading a whole curriculum of ‘Great Books’? Can prolonged exposure to such texts radically alter the course of a life? Can they speak to people from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds?

For Columbia University academic, Dr Roosevelt Montás, evidence that the Great Books can lift people out of their circumstances, and transform lives, is his own life-story, detailed in his 2021 volume, Rescuing Socrates: How the Great Books Changed My Life and Why They Matter for a New Generation.

Our sixth Ramsay Lecture for 2022 is a special and insightful recorded conversation between Dr Roosevelt Montás and Ramsay Centre CEO Professor Simon Haines.

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Introducing the Ramsay – Campion Great Books Podcast

Interested in exploring the Great Books of the Western Canon but don’t know where to start? In need of guidance to help you through some of the most challenging passages within the texts so that you can appreciate and enjoy them?

To encourage more people to engage with these profound works, which bring the ancient world into conversation with our modern world, the Ramsay Centre is proud to launch the Ramsay-Campion Great Books Podcast series.

In 2022, we will release six podcasts, focussing on the works of four legendary ancient and classical Greek authors – Homer, Sophocles, Thucydides, and Plato. The podcasts will discuss themes and passages from some of their most celebrated works, The Odyssey, Antigone, The History of the Peloponnesian War and The Symposium.

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Ramsay – Campion Great Books Podcast

Plato’s Symposium

Dr Stephen McInerney, Professor Renee Kohler-Ryan, Dr Kishore Saval

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