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What is the value of the gift to the University of Wollongong?
The gift is worth upwards of $50 million over 8 years

What does the gift fund?
The gift will fund the establishment of a new degree in western civilisastion, at least 150 undergraduate scholarships, and the hiring of up to 10 world-class educators.

Why did you choose to partner with the University of Wollongong?
We are delighted UOW will be our first university partner.

We have always said that the success of the degree would depend on the quality of the teaching. In 2018 the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) ranked UOW as the number one NSW university.

It also ranked UOW as NSW’s best university in eight study areas including the humanities and law.

This year UOW earned international recognition with a Global Teaching Excellence Spotlight Award.

The University of Wollongong is a university on the rise, ranked equal 10th in Australia in the 2019 Times Higher Education World University rankings and 30th in the world in the Times Higher Education Young University rankings.

Who will direct the program?
UOW’s Western Civilisation program will be directed by Professor Daniel Hutto who is a gifted and passionate educator, committed to hiring world-class scholars and teachers into the program.

What will the new degree be called?
The new degree will be called BA (Western Civilisation)

What will the new degree comprise?
The interdisciplinary curriculum will focus on a detailed examination of the classic intellectual and artistic masterpieces of the Western tradition that demand and repay careful philosophical attention.

What will students study in the degree?
Students will study great texts of western civilisation. As Senior Professor Hutto has said: “By entering into conversation with some of the greatest thinkers down through the ages, the Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) will intimately acquaint students with the central ideas, values and traditions of Western art and thought.”

How will the degree be taught?
The degree will be taught in small classes. Senior Professor Hutto has indicated that “the liberal arts program will employ innovative teaching methods designed to challenge students to think critically about the material they encounter throughout their studies. Students will be asked to reflect upon and give reasons for holding the particular perspectives they choose to adopt.”

For further information please see UOW’s website   https://www.uow.edu.au/law-humanities-the-arts/schools-entities/liberal-arts/courses-study-options/

For further information about the Ramsay Centre Scholarships, the degree and programs please refer to the FAQs   https://www.ramsaycentre.org/about-us/frequently-asked-questions/

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