The Past is Insight. The Future is in sight.

Our aim is to advance education by promoting the study of the “great conversation” of Western Civilisation.

Valuing the richness, diversity and complexity of over 3,000 years of cultural and societal development, we seek to nurture a better informed, wiser and more civic-minded society – one that understands its past, works to improve the present, and looks confidently to the future.

Thanks to the generosity of the eminent Australian businessman Paul Ramsay we are in a unique position to invest in that future.

Working with universities and the wider community, we support and encourage imaginative, thoughtful and inquisitive young Australians to gain a deeper understanding of Western Civilisation, in all its richness and complexity.

Funding the establishment of great books programs, undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, summer schools, public lectures, seminars, symposia and other events, we’re backing the next generation of independent thinkers and community leaders as they navigate an increasingly complex world.