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15 July 2019

Upcoming Lecture – Ramsay Lecture Series 2019

Rachel Fulton Brown, Associate Professor of History – The University of Chicago

Wednesday 14 August

Great Books of the Middle Ages, and How to Read Them

Conservatives often point to lists of so-called “Great Books” as antidotes to the dissolution of the Western tradition. And yet, the most commonly cited of these lists (Mortimer Adler’s Great Books of the Western World, “Dr. Eliot’s Five-Foot Shelf”) include only a handful of texts from the thousand years between the fall of the Roman Empire and the sixteenth century—thus effectively excluding the Middle Ages from the development of Western civilization. But can Western civilization survive without a proper grounding in the great works of the Christian Middle Ages? In a word, no. Without the Christian Middle Ages, we would not be here arguing for the importance of truth, beauty, and goodness at all. If we want to challenge the postmodern critique of modernity, we need to understand the straw man on which modernity constructed itself: the so-called “Dark Ages” in which people were supposedly punished for the exercise of reason in pursuit of truth.

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11 July 2019

Ramsay Lecture Series 2019

A series of distinguished visiting speakers will deliver public lectures and small seminars to encourage wider interest in and knowledge of Western Civilisation.

Our international and local speakers will be from various walks of life and will include politicians, academics and business leaders.


19 March Dr Fiona Wood AM Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
9 April Greg Sheridan AO Foreign affairs commentator and author
21 May Rod Dreher American writer and editor 
18 June Helen Pluckrose Editor in Chief, AREO
23 July Jonathan Haidt Social psychologist and Prof of Ethical Leadership NYU
14 August Dr Rachel Fulton-Brown University of Chicago
September TBA
October TBA
November Prof Bettany Hughes English historian, author and broadcaster

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*Dates and presenters are subject to change.

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Wisdom is the recovery of innocence at the far end of experience"
- David Bentley Hart