Turning Back the Woke Tide

Turning Back the Woke Tide: Part 1

Peter Baldwin, Former ALP Politician

Peter Baldwin argues that we in the West inhabit a civilisation that is starting to loathe itself. One in which the entire education system at all levels, increasingly reinforced by media, political and corporate elites, is largely in thrall to an ideology intent on portraying Western civilisation as an unbroken litany of oppression, racism, slavery, colonialism; pretty much without redeeming features, the source of just about all the world’s ills.

Turning Back the Woke Tide: Part 2

Peter Baldwin, Former ALP Politician

In Part 2  Peter likens the pervasive grip that  Wokeist ideology has achieved in Western societies to an evil spell.
He says it is a spell that works by fear, a fear that offending against identarian norms and orthodoxies will result in social and professional death, and that hardly anyone, irrespective of prestige or standing, is immune.
Peter will run through examples that exemplify the problem and which are revealing in different ways.

Speaker profile: Peter Baldwin

Peter Baldwin first became involved in politics as a factional activist in the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in the early 1970s. This led to a parliamentary career, first as a member of the NSW Legislative Council, then a long stint as the federal MP for the inner-city seat of Sydney that included six years as a minister in federal Labor governments.

Throughout his political career he was affiliated with the Left faction of the ALP and participated in many debates about policy and ideology. In recent years he has become profoundly disturbed by the turn to ‘identity politics’ in leftist politics, and in society more generally.

He sees this ideology as atavistic and reactionary, the antithesis of what  decent progressive politics should be about, and has made this case in a number of articles and speeches.