Dr Michael Easson AM joins Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation Board

21 November 2018

Sydney, Wednesday 21 November 2018: The Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation, a centre which seeks to provide unique and exciting opportunities for the study and discussion of western civilization, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Michael Easson AM, as a Non-Executive Director, effective immediately.

Dr Easson is founder and Chairman of fund manager EG Funds Management and building technology company Willow Technology Corporation; as well as Independent Chairman of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia. Over the past twenty-five years he has served on boards in property, funds management, rail and water infrastructure, insurance, manufacturing, construction, energy and asset management.

He has also served as a senior Vice-President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Secretary of the Labor Council of NSW, and Senior Vice-President of the ALP, NSW Branch.

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Nowadays, undergraduates are being taught prematurely to regard the poetic heritage as an oppressive imposition and to suspect it for its latent discriminations in the realm of gender, its privilegings and marginalizations in the realms of class and power. All of this suspicion may be salutary enough when it is exercised by a mind informed by that which it is being taught to suspect, but it is a suspicion which is lamentably destructive of cultural memory when it is induced in minds without any cultural possessions whatever. "
- Seamus Heaney