Kim Beazley – Australian Self-Reliance: The Task for Our Defence Review

Dec 13, 2022 | Listen

In the seventh Ramsay Lecture for 2022, the Hon Kim Beazley AC outlines what he sees as ‘the task for our defence review’. With expert knowledge on past defence reviews, Australia’s military history, and our strategic alliance with the US, Mr Beazley argues that in the face of increasing Chinese aggression, Australia is out of warning time. He posits that a serious, wide-ranging reprioritisation of defence needs must take place to ensure that Australia has sufficient capability to deter and defeat attacks with its own forces.

Mr Beazley is considered one of Australia’s leading defence experts, having served as Australian Defence Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Australia’s Ambassador to the US. His views on defence capabilities will be carefully considered by the Australian government, and by policy-makers world-wide.

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