Venus and Aphrodite:  A Biography of Desire – Professor Bettany Hughes OBE

Mar 31, 2022 | Listen

An exclusive lecture by Professor Bettany Hughes OBE

In the first Ramsay Lecture for 2022, world-famous historian, author and broadcaster Professor Bettany Hughes OBE, takes us on a journey piecing together the story of Venus and Aphrodite throughout the ages.

In this exclusive lecture, the fourth in the series delivered by Professor Hughes for the Ramsay Centre, Bettany draws upon research from her 2019 book, Venus and Aphrodite: History of a Goddess, to demonstrate why Venus matters today and her enormous appeal as a pagan deity who survived the advent of Christianity and was even transposed into Marian imagery.

Professor Hughes analyses the central role of Venus, whose gender-fluid representation as a goddess of desire, war and cities, encompassed a wide range of possibilities in human relations, reminding us of the powerful nature of love as an act of symbiosis.

Through her archaeological revelations and philosophical deliberations, Bettany reveals Venus/Aphrodite as a persona who is as relevant now as she was in ancient Rome and Greece.

Please join us on this incredible journey.

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