Paul Kelly | John Lee |Dave Sharma | Western Civilisation: An Australian View

Mar 9, 2023 | Watch

What form does Western civilisation take in modern Australia? What are our unique considerations on being part of the West? How has Western civilisation shaped our past and present, and how will it influence our future?

Listen to three accomplished Australians in this Ramsay Lecture panel discussion, as they explore Western civilisation from an Australian perspective:

  • The Australian newspaper’s Editor-at-Large Paul Kelly
  • Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Dr John Lee
  • Former Australian Ambassador to Israel and former federal MP, Dave Sharma.

These three esteemed panellists, citizens of a modern Australia that is both Western and multicultural, as well as home to an ancient Indigenous culture, shed light on topics ranging from the decline of organised religion in the West to the enduring wisdom of the Greco-Roman Stoics, from the traces of the ancient world in modern Israel to the challenges posed by the rise of China. 

The discussion is guided by Ramsay Centre Academic Manager Jack Sexton.