Applications for 2024 will be open from 1 February to 28 March 2024

For any questions regarding an open application, please email postgrad@ramsaycentre.org


What sets the Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship apart from other scholarships?

The Ramsay Postgraduate Scholars seek to advance a richer and deeper understanding of Western Civilisation through the study of its history, philosophy, legal and political systems, religion, literature and languages, science and social sciences, music, art and/or architecture. Applicants are required to reflect on how their academic career to date has been able to enrich their understanding of Western Civilisation and how this will continue during their postgraduate studies. Ramsay Scholars appreciate and value the heritage and influences that have shaped Australia. They will make future contributions that will be of great benefit to society. 


Who is eligible for the Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship?

Australian citizens or permanent residents who have been accepted into a Postgraduate Degree at a world leading university overseas.

Do you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident?


Which universities and colleges are eligible study destinations?

  • Any overseas university. Most applicants have been accepted at world-class institutions.

Can this scholarship be used to support my postgraduate study in Australia?


Am I eligible if I am already supported by another scholarship?

It depends. You are not eligible if you have previously held or concurrently hold a major scholarship from another source (for example, Ramsay Scholars cannot have held previously or concurrently a Rhodes Scholarship, John Monash Scholarship or a Fulbright Scholarship). You may be still eligible if you are holding a scholarship administered by your host university. The Ramsay Centre reserves the right to adjust scholarship amounts awarded based on individual circumstances.

Is there an age limit?


What type of postgraduate course is eligible? Are there any restrictions on disciplines? Are short courses eligible?

Masters and PhDs are eligible. There are no restrictions on disciplines.
Short courses, research appointments, medical research (outside of a Masters or PhD program), post-doctoral research, visiting fellowships or any other research appointments are not eligible for funding.

Scholarships are only granted to students commencing or continuing in person (and not online only) full-time postgraduate study outside of Australia after the application submission date. Scholars must commence their studies within twelve months of award of a Scholarship.

Can I apply if I am still awaiting my university application result?

You may still apply, however, when asked in the application form for your Letter of Offer, you must explain in the comment box provided your reason for a delayed Letter of Offer and an indicative timeframe of when you expect to receive one.


When do applications open?

1 February 2023

What are the key dates for applications?

Applications Open: 1 February – 28 March 2024
Shortlisted Candidates Invited to Interview: Mid April 2024
Interviews of Shortlisted Candidates: Early May 2024
Successful Candidates Notified: End May 2024
Orientation Program in Sydney: End June 2024 in Sydney

What are the main requirements of the application process?

Applicants will be asked to upload proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residency, letter of offer from university of choice (up to three can be listed in preferential order), research proposal if applicable, academic summary (institutions and degrees obtained) including transcripts and awards, 2-page CV, responses to selection criteria and contact details of three referees. 

How do I apply for the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts at St John’s College, Annapolis?

STEP 1: Apply to the Graduate Institute’s Master of Arts in Liberal Arts degree program. To ensure your application can be reviewed by St. John’s prior to Ramsay Centre deadlines, completed applications (including transcripts, recommendation letters, and essays) must be received no later than 15 January 2024. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and early submission is highly encouraged.
STEP 2: If you are admitted to St. John’s, you may then apply for the Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship, which opens on 1 February 2024.
STEP 3: With the support of St. John’s and Ramsay Centre staff, prepare to move to the U.S. and begin your course in August 2024.
For more information, contact Brendan Boyle, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at brendan.boyle@sjc.edu

I have already commenced my studies; can I still apply?

Yes, if you have at least one academic year remaining of your degree.

I will not be available for interview in Australia; can I still apply?

Yes, if you are shortlisted and cannot attend the interview in person, a Zoom interview will be arranged.

I plan on completing an application in this scholarship round, my proposed study starts later this year, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, if your study is intended for the 2024-2025 academic year, you can apply in this round.

What will be required of referees?

  • Referees will be asked to write a 1–2 page document regarding the candidate noting the Ramsay Centre Selection Panel’s aim to select outstanding, thoughtful, and imaginative Australians – our future leaders – to pursue graduate study at the world’s best universities. At least one of the referees is asked to verify the candidate’s academic capabilities and potential; other referees should give insight into the candidate’s personal qualities and role in the wider community.


What expenses does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship is intended to cover living and tuition fees and other related expenses.

Can I defer my studies and defer my scholarship?

If your university allows you to defer your studies, after you have commenced your degree, The Ramsay Centre will also defer your scholarship.

How many years of study does the scholarship cover?

One, two, and in select cases, three years of study.

What is the expectation of Ramsay Scholars to ‘give back’?

Ramsay Scholars are expected to submit a progress report each year they are in receipt of the scholarship, and they are also encouraged to undertake activities aimed at community building across cohorts of current scholars and alumni. These may involve meeting with past, present, and prospective scholars, supporting Ramsay Centre events and assisting with the organisation of events for alumni and current Ramsay scholars in their region.

The past is insight. The future is in sight.