Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship Program


Guidelines for Referees

Guidelines for referees who have been invited to submit a reference for a shortlisted candidate

The Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarships were established through the generosity of the founder of the Ramsay Centre, Mr Paul Ramsay, and are among the most generous scholarships currently on offer in Australia.

Paul Ramsay was profoundly grateful for the opportunities his country had afforded him. He saw our nation as one of many that had benefited from being part of the long continuum of Western Civilisation. In particular, he wanted younger Australians to appreciate and value this heritage, and to take the lead in passing it on to others.

These scholarships help outstanding, thoughtful and imaginative young Australians – our future leaders – to do just that, by supporting them to pursue graduate study at the world’s best overseas universities.

Scholarship Categories

Scholarships are offered for one, two and, in select cases, three years of coursework and/or research.

There are two main types of scholarship available as part of the suite of Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarships.

1. World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship supports Australians to undertake graduate study at any of the world’s best universities, in any field, for one, two and, in select cases, three years of graduate coursework and/or research.
Value: AUD$90,000 p.a.

 2. St John’s College, Annapolis, Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship supports Australians to undertake the Master of Arts in the Liberal Arts, focusing on great books of the western canon, and to participate in an internship program in an area of interest to the student in Washington D.C or surrounding areas.
Value: AUD$75,000 p.a. for two years

In their applications, candidates are asked to name three referees in support of their scholarship application. If the candidate is shortlisted, those nominated as referees will be contacted directly via email by the Ramsay Centre, in April 2024, and invited to submit a reference by May 2024.

At least one of the three referees is asked to verify the candidate’s academic capabilities and potential; other referees should give insight into the candidate’s personal qualities and role in the wider community.

To be considered for the Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship, candidates must:

  • be an Australian citizen, or have permanent resident status; and
  • have applied to the graduate program of their choice at a world-leading university
    and been accepted.

In preparing their letters, referees are asked to note the Ramsay Centre Selection Panel’s aim to select outstanding, thoughtful and imaginative Australians – our future leaders – to pursue graduate study at the world’s best universities.

The principal selection criteria are:

  • Strength of character, leadership qualities, and commitment to serve others
  • Outstanding academic achievement, and breadth and depth of intellectual
  • Commitment to advancing a richer and deeper understanding of western
    civilisation as demonstrated either through university study to date or through
    the proposed postgraduate coursework and/or research program

If you have been named as a referee and have overseen the applicant’s academic study at any time, please comment on their ability to undertake postgraduate study at a top-ranked overseas university. If not, please instead emphasize your knowledge of their capabilities that address our other selection criteria above. Your Reference should be a 1-2 page PDF document, portrait orientation.

For further information please visit our website: www.ramsaycentre.org or contact our Postgraduate Scholarship Manager, Naomi Spinks, at the following email address:
postgrad@ramsaycentre.org or phone: (02) 9134 7900

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