World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship

Are you a high-achieving student and leader intent on securing a place in a world-class graduate program overseas?

The experience of studying abroad at some of the world’s most coveted academic institutions is an experience like no other.

Our benefactor Paul Ramsay wanted to support young Australian leaders in their pursuit of this opportunity, so they could realise their goals and make their own unique contribution to Australian society.

Our World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship supports young Australians to undertake graduate study at the world’s best universities (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Harvard, Princeton, Bologna, etc.) for one, two and, in select cases, three years of graduate coursework and/or research.

Levels of support are fully competitive with the Rhodes, John Monash, Fulbright and other major scholarships.

Value: AUD$90,000 p.a. 

The scholarship payment is a contribution towards your tuition, living and travel costs associated with your postgraduate study. The scholarship will not cover all expenses incurred whilst studying abroad.

Students applying for the scholarship will need to have secured a place in a graduate program abroad before finalising their application.

Please note that the scholarships are not awarded for undergraduate study, medical research (outside of a Masters or PhD program), post-doctoral research, visiting fellowships, or any other research appointment.

They are not ordinarily available for part-time study or for Executive Education programs.

Scholarships are only granted to students commencing or continuing in person (and not online only) full-time postgraduate study outside of Australia after the application submission date. Scholars must commence their studies within twelve months of award of a Scholarship. 
Applicants must not have previously held or concurrently hold a major scholarship from another source (for example, Ramsay Scholars cannot hold a Rhodes Scholarship, John Monash Scholarship or a Fulbright Scholarship).

The past is insight. The future is in sight.