Great books, great time, great friends

Our Summer Programs are open to high school students in their final two years of study with an interest in the liberal arts and humanities.

These residential courses are fantastic preparation for your HSC and university study.

Led by experienced academics, in small groups you will engage in cooperative and critical discussions about great books of western civilisation, gaining invaluable critical thinking, communication and reading skills.

Past programs have included interactive workshops on Shakespearean performance and opportunities to meet prominent Australians from politics and business with a background in humanities.

Quotes from student interviews with the Sydney Morning Herald
23 Jan 2019.

“I was a little bit overwhelmed when I first sat in this room and there were some people out there talking about some really high-level intellectual thinking. I was just sitting here going ‘wow, I feel a bit out of place’. But after sitting down in smaller groups and getting to have high-level intellectual conversations with a variety of people with different backgrounds, opinions and perspectives, it allowed me to open my horizons and I’ve learned so much.”

Sophie Jackson, 16

“I was interested in the texts that we were studying.”
“This course offered an opportunity to learn skills that would be helpful for university – being able to think on a critical level and be reflective.”

Scarlett Green, 17

Quotes from students from 2020 program.

“Meeting like-minded peers was great in a way I hoped it would be whilst preparing for the HSC ahead, and engaging with them over the Tempest and Apology was interesting. The Program was excellent, and it exceeded my expectations. This was a fantastic experience; one I hope I won’t forget.”

Harry, 16

“I absolutely loved the course. I wanted to thank you for organising it and giving me the opportunity to participate.”

Domi, 17