The Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarships

Each year the Ramsay Centre offers up to 90 school-leavers like you the opportunity to study specially designed programs on Western Civilisation as part of single or double/combined degrees (e.g. Arts/Law) at our partner universities.

Level of Support

Financial support offered to you as a Ramsay Scholar will assist you for the duration of your undergraduate degree (including double degree e.g. BA/LLB). As a Ramsay Scholar you will receive:

  • $32,000 p.a. for the length of your degree program (studying full time) (for up to five years) to cover residential and other necessary costs associated with studies undertaken at one of our partner universities.
  • Access to on-campus accommodation
  • An allowance for one return airfare to Europe or elsewhere to support study or other related activities abroad
  • Access to a Ramsay Scholars Common Room (including study spaces, social lounge, kitchenette) (for UOW and ACU scholars)

“History is philosophy teaching by examples”
- Thucydides

Available Academic Programs

Ramsay Scholars and others enrolled in the Western Civilisation undergraduate programs complete a distinctive great books program developed by our partner universities. They investigate the philosophical, literary, political, religious, historical and artistic legacies of Western Civilisation from the ancient world through to the contemporary world, considering a range of authors and works, including Homer, Plato, the Bible, Shakespeare, Rousseau, Mary Wollstonecraft, Marx and many more.

Eligibility and How to Apply

Students apply directly to our university partners. For more information, click on the following links: