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The Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation will fund and manage a generous scholarship program, with up to 30 fully funded places offered each year for Australian students enrolling at two partner universities in NSW and the ACT (there may be a third elsewhere later).

The rewards for the successful students and for your school are significant. The Ramsay Centre Undergraduate Scholarship represents a real opportunity to provide further education on the classical liberal arts model for talented students.

This Scholarship program may open the door to a life-changing series of experiences including even opportunities for postgraduate study abroad.

We welcome applications from all Australian students in schools not just across NSW and ACT but interstate.

Please do encourage your more highly talented students (especially the shy ones!) to put themselves forward.

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Nowadays, undergraduates are being taught prematurely to regard the poetic heritage as an oppressive imposition and to suspect it for its latent discriminations in the realm of gender, its privilegings and marginalizations in the realms of class and power. All of this suspicion may be salutary enough when it is exercised by a mind informed by that which it is being taught to suspect, but it is a suspicion which is lamentably destructive of cultural memory when it is induced in minds without any cultural possessions whatever. "
- Seamus Heaney